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Social media content creation with AI

"Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality." - Yann LeCun, French American Machine Learning Specialist Nevertheless, the same question keeps coming up: how do we use this extended quality of artificial intelli-gence in our everyday lives? Whether it's facial identification in a cell phone, spell-checking when compos-ing an email, or digital voice assistants, we already encounter AI everywhere in our everyday lives. This leads to the follow-up question: Why don't we also use AI for the creation of social media content?
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What can already go wrong in the selection process for near/offshoring?

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A daytrip to Timişoara – Romania

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Interview about Ukraine conflict with Vitaly Sedler

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"Wir helfen Kindern" – ServiceFactum donates to "Kinderhilfe Rumänien" & "Sternstunden"

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