Bernd Wandt und Geschäftspartner bei der Re-Auditierung von Intellias.
Bernd Wandt, CEO ServiceFactum

Re-audit of ServiceFactum's Development Center No. 1

Our Ukrainian development center in Lviv was the development partner for our first customer at ServiceFactum. We can now look back on more than 12 years of successful partnership.

During this time, ServiceFactum has analyzed 13 additional development partners in different countries and added them to its own audited delivery network.

Nonetheless, the partnership continues and ServiceFactum´s key clients have successfully built teams and completed projects in Ukraine.

This year, the development center was once again re-audited. What started out as a small partner with around 150 employees in Lviv has now become a global partner with 3200+ experts at more than 14 locations worldwide. The headquarters are outside of Ukraine – but the management is still in the hands of the founders, with whom ServiceFactum maintains a close relationship.

On-site audit in Poland

Due to the war in Ukraine, this time the audit took place at one of the main locations in Poland. The agenda was extensive, so we took 2 days for the audit.

We were once again able to convince ourselves of the professionalism and reliability of the development center on site.

Our development partner has the structure of a medium-sized company that is still managed by its founders. A consistent system environment based on Atlassian tools (including Jira and Confluence) maps the entire internal know-how consistently and transparently. This enables all employees to work on a project for customers without interruption. Quality management in practice is part of their Project Management Office, which was also recently recognized as the best European PMO. Certifications and awards underscore the company’s strategy.

Roman Reznikov, VP Digital Segment of our partner, commented on the audit:

„We are striving to provide the best-in-class software engineering service for our clients. It is important for us to receive an external assessment of our processes and capabilities, which is why the audit from our trusted partner, Service Factum, is crucial to us. We began cooperating with Service Factum when Intellias was a small company, so it is important to demonstrate that with growth, we have only improved the quality of our service.”

Together, we have also identified one or two improvements for our customers. These will be completed as soon as possible.

A dinner together in a relaxed atmosphere strengthened the relationships on the first evening, so that the second working day continued in a very cooperative and almost collegial manner.


ServiceFactum can award its (Ukrainian) partner our quality label for development centres “Qualified and validated Development Center” with confidence and hope for many more successful nearshore engagements together.

Grafik des Guetesiegel von Service Factum
Grafik des Guetesiegel von Service Factum
Grafik des Guetesiegel von Service Factum