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"Wir helfen Kindern" – ServiceFactum donates to "Kinderhilfe Rumänien" & "Sternstunden"

This year, too, we, the ServiceFactum team, want to give something back, in keeping with the Christmas season.
We have jointly decided that our donation should go to “Kinderhilfe Rumänien” on the one hand and to the organisation “Sternstunden” on the other.

"Kinderhilfe Rumänien e.V."

One half of our donation goes to the organisation “Kinderhilfe Rumänien e.V.”, which has been awarded the “DZI-Spenden-Siegel” (DZI donation seal) and which accommodates children from unacceptable conditions in Romanian children’s homes in their own small facilities close to their families. Instead of mass accommodation, individual child care.

Following the quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – “You can only see well with your heart”. – we follow our hearts and thus support children/young people from poor backgrounds. The registered association – represented in Romania by the foundation “Fundatia Ajutati Copiii” – takes in children in care & gives them a well-deserved home, offers various leisure activities, develops therapy centres for the children/youth and much more.

Unfortunately, the pandemic also left its negative marks in Romania – especially on the children in social institutions who were excluded from the environment for months. Nevertheless, the 10 institutions of the association were able to remain effectively active and help the children and young people through this difficult time. At the moment, more than 60 children and young people between the ages of 1 and 21 are cared for around the clock by foster parents, educators and care workers in the 9 family homes.

The country of Romania is one of the most important nearshore locations for ServiceFactum, which is why we consider a donation there more than appropriate. We sincerely wish the children there only the very best!

"Sternstunden e.V."

The second part of our donation goes to the organisation “Sternstunden”, which helps needy children in emergency situations. The registered association has been organising sustainable aid projects for permanently improved living conditions for needy children for about 28 years.

The Bavarian Broadcasting Company’s charity campaign has also been awarded the donation seal for audited donation organisations by the German Central Institute for Social Issues.

Since its foundation in 1993, Sternstunden has taken responsibility for sick, handicapped and needy children – in Bavaria, in Germany as well as worldwide and helps as quickly and uncomplicatedly as possible. Thanks to the willingness of many people to help, Sternstunden has been able to raise more than 300 million euros and thus support more than 3,500 children’s aid projects.

With a donation, we, ServiceFactum, support the children’s aid projects, because the right not to be excluded and to be supported according to their own needs is something every child has from the very beginning.

Linking the donation organisations

Below are the links to the two fundraising organisations for more detailed information. Here you will find detailed descriptions of the fundraising organisations, impressions, listings of past/current/future projects and much more. We would be very pleased if you would take the time to look at the two important organisations.

“Kinderhilfe Rumänien e.V.”https://kinderhilfe-rumaenien.com/

“Sternstunden e.V.”https://www.sternstunden.de/