Service Management

Our service management establishes amicable and individual solutions for every challenge.

We simplify near/offshoring.

For medium-sized companies in Germany, near/offshoring means that new (sometimes complicated) challenges arise: e.g. finding the TOP IT specialists abroad, ensuring smooth communication, guaranteeing the required quality of results. Our service management ensures that near/offshoring becomes effective and easy to implement for every company. The intention of our service management is to establish mutually agreeable and individual solutions for every challenge.

Our service management relieves pro-actively

To achieve your software goals, working closely with all parties is most important to us. Through regular communication, we ensure that challenges are addressed proactively and risks are mitigated from the outset. We control the entire collaboration at management level and keep your back free. At the same time, you always have the opportunity to communicate directly with your new employees at project level and thus integrate them into your desired methodology.

Our Services

Before conclusion of contract

Clarification of the request
Clarification of requirements & approach
Indicative offer
Choice of location / provider / team setup
Selection of suitable Dev. partners
Search of the suitable talents
Pre-check of CV quality & language ability
Comparison of 3-5 Dev. partners, site analysis
Organization of developers - interviews
German general contractor
Contract management with customers
Subcontracting Dev. partner
Administrative coordination of all services (finances, etc.)

After conclusion of the contract

Personal customer manager
Start and introduction of the team (one-time)
Joint workshop for preparation
Coordination of the training of the developers
Definition Near-/Offshore Governance
Joint visit to Dev.-Partners (2 days)
Service Support (ongoing)
Mediation in the event of disruptions in cooperation
Problem management (in development)
Change management (in development)
Service Delivery (ongoing)
Capacity management (ramp-up /-down)
Monitoring & control of the cooperation
Management of nearshore/offshore success factors
Control of performance parameters (KPI reporting)
Build relationships with TOP management

Realizing your idea together.

Bernd Wandt, CEO