Künstliche Intelligenz hilft bei einem Forscher im Labor von Pharmaunternehmen in der Medizin
IT Startup

Development of an AI application for pharmaceutical companies

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Ukraine, Poland and Romania
>1 year
18+ IT-Spezialsten
Technologies:.net, REST, GraphQL , Dapper, React, React native, Typescript, Kubernetes, Python, R, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Redcliff, AWS Cloud and AWS S3


Scalable expansion of squad teams to develop an AI based application (web, mobile) and a SaaS solution. Move from remote freelancers to a sustainable team approach in international locations.


ServiceFactum initially identified 2 locations in coordination with the client where different squad teams were established. Initially, IT specialists were established for the app layers database, backend, frontend and quality assurance. In addition, an AI/ML team of 5 experienced Data Scientists was set up to take on the task of machine learning operations as well as the implementation of specific customer requirements in ML procedures. ServiceFactum monitors the performance of the teams and continuously develops improvement proposals to optimize productivity.


  • Sustainable scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced stuff turnover/li>

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