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Software Products and individual Software Applications

Innovations such as Digitization, Mobility and the Internet of Things fuel the demand for software, but the qualified resources needed to meet this demand are unavailable in Germany. When it comes to expanding your software development, our business model offers you scalable, flexible and cost-effective access to international capacities.

Web Applications

Mobile Apps

Enterprise Applications

SaaS & Cloud

Product Development

Internet of Things


  • Kanban

    Kanban is a software development methodology that limits the amount of simultaneous work in progress (WIP) to enable shorter cycle times and uncover problems sooner, especially bottlenecks.

  • Scrum

    Scrum is an agile software development methodology. It is an empirical, incremental and iterative approach. Scrum embodies the values of agile software development as defined by Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland and others in their 2001 Agile Manifesto.

  • Unified Process

    The Unified Process is use-case driven, architecture-centric, incremental and iterative. It comprises four phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition.

  • V-Modell

    The V-Model is a software development methodology that breaks down the software development process into phases. Apart from these development phases, the V-Model also breaks down quality assurance (testing) into phases.

Supported Technologies

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • .net
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Phonegap
  • Xamarine
  • Unity

Integrated Service Management

Managing internationally distributed Software Development

Experience tells us that direct collaboration with nearshore and offshore providers is risky and often fail . We are convinced that nearshoring and offshoring can be realized with the utmost service quality. To this end, we contribute many years of experience in nearshoring and offshoring, our cooperative relationship management with our BestShore Centers, as well as a proven framework for distributed software development.

We guarantee to bring this expertise to bear for you through our integrated service management.
Our services include:

  • Service strategy & offer
  • Demand management
  • Service planning & monitoring
  • Customer management

The service manager manages the international collaboration. He is your contact person in Germany.

Integration of external Capacities

  • Distance

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  • Relationship

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  • Experience

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Bridging the Distance

Our long-standing relationships enable us to facilitate a partnership as equals, ensure trusting collaboration and mitigate the spatial, temporal and cultural challenges that arise as part of international development projects.

Living Relationships

Over many years, we have established reliable, tried and tested relationships with our international development centers. This enables us to implement solutions faster, more efficiently and with a high level of quality.

Rely on our Experience

Our experience helps you achieve the best results and helps support and accompany you along your successful journey.


Qualified Network of Suppliers

We strive to deliver results of the utmost quality.
We select the best team of developers at the appropriate site for our clients. Based on a well-defined selection process, we have assembled longtime partners to form an extensive international network of suppliers. All sites were qualified in accordance with A.T. Kearney’s BestShoring approach and are continuously analyzed and assessed. They operate in a dynamic economic environment, offer a large number of highly skilled developers and are financially attractive. 

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+ Munich (Germany)+ Lviv (Ukraine)+ Kharkiv (Ukraine)+ Kiew (Ukraine)+ Minsk (Weißrussland)+ Wroclaw (Polen)+ Cluj (Romania)+ Galatj (Rumänien)+ Cluj-Napoca (Rumänien)+ Ramallah (HT Israel)+ Kolkata (Indien)+ Bangalore (Indien)+ Bangalore (Indien)
  • 6 Countries
  • 12 Development Centers
  • 7200 Developers
  • 6 Länder
  • 12 Entwicklungszentren
  • 7200 Entwicklern

Expansion of International Software Capacities

Easy and Efficient

This scenario will sound familiar. When there is an oversupply of foreign providers, the buying process becomes increasingly complex, difficulties in implementation emerge and it ultimately ends up being more expensive than expected.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our clients decide which services are rendered at which of our 12 international locations. To this end, ServiceFactum prepares a decision paper that takes into account regional strengths, productivity, quality levels, operational risks, staff availability and cultural issues. Our long-time experience allows us to prevent pitfalls or blunders when it comes to staffing and setting up the collaboration. Afterwards, we make sure schedules are adhered to and the intended goals are met.

Types of Contracts

  • Project

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  • Team

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  • Unit

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Project Transfer

Preventing Bottlenecks

Whether you opt for a fixed-price contract or a time and materials contract, with the help of our experienced resources we will implement your functional specification with the stipulated quality and within the timeframe and budget agreed upon.

ServiceFactum acts as general contractor and single point of contact. After planning together, the project team is selected and assembled. Project coordination is managed entirely by ServiceFactum. We employ both agile and iterative models depending on the needs and dynamics.


High availability and scalability allows for shortened lead times and project completion.

With our innovative engagement model, we can carry out projects starting with a minimum of 6 person-months.

Team Expansion

Cost-Effectiveness and Improvement of IT Skills

For the purpose of expanding your own software development capacity in a cost-transparent, flexible and scalable manner, ServiceFactum offers to set up and successfully establish a dedicated team of developers at TOP locations selected and certified in accordance with the Bestshoring principle.

Together with you, we determine which specific tasks can be outsourced and present various solutions at different locations for comparison.

Based on your specific needs, the best team is validated and selected. ServiceFactum is your German contracting partner and general contractor.

Within the scope of the local Service Management, we enable Best Practice solutions and act as your contact for service quality, escalation and change management. You can focus on the functional and technical steering of your extended team.

Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT)

Outsourcing of initial Risks

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model comprises 3 Phases:

1. Build
To begin with, a full-service solution to set up a dedicated BestShore Unit (BU) is built. Premises and infrastructure at the BestShore location are allocated, your nearshore team is established, goals are aligned and the knowledge transfer is established.

2. Operate
In this phase, ServiceFactum handles all management and administrative services for your BestShore Unit: office space and infrastructure, IT, HR services (including hiring, payroll and basic training), financial administration, safety and legal issues, etc.
ServiceFactum also manages the cross-national collaboration. However, the client does work closely and directly with the international development team on technical issues and can therefore focus management time on his core business instead of operational issues.

3. Transfer
The contract stipulates that the client may transfer the BU into their own integrated unit after a predefined period of time.
ServiceFactum, together with our local BestShore Center, supports the client with respect to setting up a new foreign subsidiary and transfers assets, staff and operations.

The BOT model offers complete outsourcing of initial costs and risks for a successful launch, as well as other advantages:
• Fast scalability of operations
• Cost optimization for setting up the infrastructure
• Fast startup of the BUs (renting office space, statutory regulations, cultural differences, setting up the infrastructure etc.)