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Digitization, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility and Big Data are the key drivers behind growing demand for software. Qualified developers are urgently needed, but hardly available in Germany or very expensive.
ServiceFactum is your Nearshore Offshore Software Service Provider to organize scalable distributed software development together. We offer everything from flexible access to international capacities to integrated Service Management.

Integrated Service Management

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„With their local integrated service management, ServiceFactum takes pressure off our management and at the same time ensures the smooth and cost-efficient management of our nearshore teams in Romania and Ukraine. Implementation of the BestShoring principle ensures the required expertise is available within the scrum teams.”

Michael Deiß,CEO
eggs unimedia GmbH

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Mobile Apps
SaaS and Cloud
Product Development
Internet of Things
Market leader in enterprise file sharing.
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„ServiceFactum proved to be a competent and reliable partner. With their carefully selected and qualified BestShore company in Romania, they implemented a strategic development project for us on time, with a high level of quality and within the agreed budget.“ Dr. Dieter Steiner, CEO
SSP Europe GmbH
Management Consulting
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„Working closely and effectively with ServiceFactum, we were able to minimize our development and management expenditure when developing our innovative “emocial network solution.“ Michael Henze, CEO
Michael Henze + Partner
Mobile Health Solutions Startup (Wearables).
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„ServiceFactum made sure our iOS app was off to a good, easy and quick start with an experienced foreign software development team. Their handling of communication and coordination with the team significantly reduced our workload.“ Dr. Johannes Kreuzer, Gründer/CEO
Cosinuss GmbH
Leading expert in audio ident. & music recommendation software solutions.
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„As a young and innovative company, we were in need of cost-efficient qualified developers. Thanks to ServiceFactum, integrating the cross-border services into our organization went smoothly.“ Jörn Handschke, Product Manager
Mufin GmbH
Online video creation and automated video production with clip generator.
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„With their extensive expertise, results-oriented service management and a high degree of flexibility, ServiceFactum supported us over many years in developing our core products with their cost-efficient and highly skilled resources.“ Angelika Hänssler, (former) CEO
Trivid GmbH
Cognitive Enablement & Process Autom. thru navigat. aids in live systems of EAs.
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„Together with ServiceFactum GmbH, we managed to successfully expand our offshore unit in India and to operate it at low cost. This unit was responsible for development and test management in specific product areas.“ Dr. Jochen Wiechen,
(former) CTO
datango AG
Industrial communication for autom. process, manufacturing & propulsion technology.
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„The fieldbus development/fieldbus interfaces projects entrusted to ServiceFactum were carried out by a team of highly skilled developers in Slovakia with a high level of quality and with the expected cost savings.“ Matthias Reusch, Leiter R&D
Kunbus GmbH
Startup, offering innovative electromagnetic applications.
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„We tasked ServiceFactum with developing a minimal viable product (MVP) for our urgently needed Magmath web app. We were quickly provided with an experienced developer to meet the tight deadline. A cost-efficient web app to promote sales is already available and can be demonstrated to potential customers across the globe.“ Dipl.-Phys. Mauricio Esguerra, CEO
Magment UG
Comprehensive development and support of individual IT solutions.
Service Management to manage nearshore providers.
through Leosoft
Service Management to manage nearshore providers.
Leading manufacturer of optical microscopy techniques and technologies.
Migrating a LabView-based Colibri Laser Scanning software to C#.
Full service provider for talent management and corporate learning.
Developing an XML converter, UI and generating target files, as well as transforming VML shapes into SVG paths.
A mobile social app that allows users to quickly share their own mood with others.
Developing and testing a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows 10.
Digital Crowd Management Startup.
Developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for mobile devices.
Software development and IT solutions.
Developing a prototype as part of modernizing the GUI of the iteraplan software.


In 2011, we decided to bring together qualified and carefully selected nearshore and offshore development centers under the roof of ServiceFactum. We build bridges for intercultural understanding. Working with ServiceFactum is benefit and quality-oriented, transparent, respectful, reliable and authentic.

Bernd Wandt

Executive Partner

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Degree in mathematics and manager. Managing Director of ServiceFactum GmbH since 2011. He recognized the great potential of nearshore and offshore services in software development for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany early on and developed a simple, demand-oriented globalization strategy for them.

Harry Straßer

Co-founder & Managing Partner

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Degree in business administration from a vocational academy and MBA, co-founder and managing partner of ServiceFactum. Harry Strasser has been working in international management at leading high-tech companies in the IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries for more than 25 years. He is also involved in global innovation activities with respect to the currently trending technologies IoT, networked mobility and wearable technologies and consults companies on matters of digital transformation and innovation.



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