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On the international stage of nearshore and offshore software development, integration, transfer of knowledge and cultural exchange take place every day when our clients in Germany work together with our development centers in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India.

When, for example,

  • the client directly involves the external team’s leader in appointment decisions,
  • the client asks the external expert to come to Germany to coordinate on important issues,
  • the client learns from external experts how “process improvement” works in agile projects,
  • the client appoints the expert on the external team to team leader for special subjects,
  • a member of an international team visits her client while on vacation and friendships and shared leisure activities develop at the staff level,
  • a client combines the meeting with an offshore partner in India with a vacation and Ayurvedic treatment to get to know the country and its people better,
  • international teams are invited to attend the opening of the new domestic offices,
  • the client sponsors the external team’s social events,

intercultural dynamics are generated and can be observed in the form of increased motivation and improved quality.

With the help of a little anecdote, we would like to illustrate how international cooperation generated dynamics for the company and all involved.

You learn something new every day…

The staff at the head office complains about the international software engineering team because it is using methods and practices that differ from the ones utilized previously in-house. When this comes to the attention of the director, he asks the international team to explain in the staff newsletter which agile approach it picked as a Scrum Team. After all, it is the team’s responsibility to decide which methods and practices should be implemented to achieve the best possible result. The team explained which agile model it chose, which obstacles had to be overcome and how the scrum process was adapted to the project requirements. The article was met with great interest. With ServiceFactum’s service manager acting as a moderator, the Scrum Team received many questions through the company blog. This helped dispel prejudices. The director laughs and at the next opportunity, he remarks in front of the gathered staff: “You learn something new every day. In this way, we were able to look over an agile team’s shoulder and watch them work.”

This and numerous other international encounters enabled growth on a personal and professional level, improved professionalism and formed a solid foundation for trusting long-term cooperation.

Excerpt from interview on 5th corporate anniversary

Bernd Wandt, director and co-founder of ServiceFactum GmbH, Herrsching, 21. Sept. 2016

“When Harry Straßer and I, both former senior managers at reputable ITC companies, decided to start our own company five years ago on the basis of a successfully completed client project, what started out as a bold idea grew into a strategic concept. We were convinced that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, would value our expertise, comprehensive support and our unique portfolio of international sites. Of course we encountered various challenges during the start-up phase. In the meantime, however, we have entered a period of stable growth and we have had the pleasure of shaping inspiring international relationships.

In the future, we will increase our focus on innovative areas such as digitization, mobility and the Internet of Things. There will be a tremendous demand for software development in this area. Our vision remains to enable our customers to leverage globally distributed software development with ease.

As you can tell, we are looking forward to a digital future and hope to inspire that same enthusiasm in you and others as well.”

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